Monday, November 17, 2008

Assemblage Point Alignment

The assemblage point is a powerful vortex that is the natural axis of our energetic field or aura. In health, it flows horizontally through the centre of our chest and is often been called the spiritual heart. The assemblage point’s actual position is often splintered. We therefore have a number of vortexes instead of one. This happens due to traumatic life experiences especially those from childhood. This causes us to see the world and experience ourselves in an imbalanced way as our system is in a stressed state. This profoundly effects the way we experience who we are and reflects in the way we relate to others.

People who have their assemblage point aligned back to the centre of their chest have a much stronger sense of who they are and say they feel grounded in a way they never have before. After alignment an internal and natural correction occurs by itself that is accompanied by release of trapped energy. Because the assemblage point position determines our perception of life and reality many of our big issues don't seem to have the same hold over us. The actual process involves an energetic shift using a tested and known technique that allows the system to release and realign in a natural way.